Termómetro Fluke 52 II

Termómetro digital de contacto con velocidades de respuesta y precisión prácticamente de laboratorio; 2 Termopares. Modelo Fluke 52-II 



Termómetro Digital de Contacto, hasta 1372º C – Fluke 52-II
  •  » Relative time clock on MIN, MAX, and AVG provides a time reference for major events
  •  » Electronic Offset function allows compensation of thermocouple errors to maximize overall accuracy
  •  » Measures J, K, T, and E-types of thermocouples
  •  » Readout in ºC, ºF, or Kelvin (K)
  •  » Splash and dust resistant case protected by impact absorbing holster
  •  » User-friendly front panel is easy to set up and operate
  •  » Sleep mode increases battery life; typical 1000-hour battery life
  •  » Battery door allows easy battery replacement without breaking the calibration seal
  •  » Optional ToolPak accessory allows the thermometer to hang from any metal object (with the rare earth magnet) or secure around a pipe (with hook-and-loop straps) for hands-free operation
  •  » 3 year warranty
MODELO 54 II 53 II 52 II 51 II
Número de canales medida 2 1 2 1
Compatible con termocuplas J,K,T,E
Compatible con termocuplas J,K,T,E, N,R, S
Temperaturas Diferenciales T1-T2
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